Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 24th August 2016 Written Updates Rishi Finds About Tanu Rebirth

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 24th August 2016 Written Updates Rishi Finds About Tanu Rebirth :- Rishi finds the stroller of Tanu and recognizes that she is somewhere closer to him right now. Bani suggest Neha that she should come to Mumbai to help her daughter getting closer to Nidhi and Vidhi she makes a plan with her to come to Mumbai. Beeji comes with the stoller next morning to Rishi bedroom.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 124 Written Updates

Bee ji says everyone tell him to stay happy, but she won’t. She would ask him not to let Tannu’s sacrifice go in vain, this life has been gifted to him by Tannu to live it, but he has stopped living it. He used to be a sweet grape before, but is now a bitter karela. Rishi smiles. Bee ji blackmails him to die soon without watching him happy, he warns her not to mention this and smiles at her. He goes to get fresh. Bee ji says she will go to temple and pray that Rishi gets someone in life who loves him as much as Tannu did.

Neha comes to Sandy’s room, she boasts that she hasn’t spoken to him for last two days, but is aware how to make him up. She was about to wake him up, then thinks she won’t make him up until he apologizes for slapping. She wonders how to wake him up, then goes to sit in front of dressing table. Sandy wakes up, Neha was hopeful he will soon come to her. Sandy leaves the room, Neha thinks about not being stubborn. She stops Sandy to talk to him, he says he needs to go to farm as his buffalo is ill. Neha tells him that she is also ill. Sandy dryly says he only cares for his work, had Neha been lucky for him she wouldn’t have sent her daughters away like this. He leaves,

Tanuja was afraid if he reads her name he would recognize it from last night, and Rano will throw them out of her house. Rishi reads the paper, and reads Tanuja.The lady informs Rishi that she has returned after 20 years, to save him. She is only made for him and even after 20 years she only has Rishi in his mind.

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