Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 21st October 2016 Written Updates Malaika Thanks Tanuja For Saving Rishi

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 21st October 2016 Written Updates Malaika Thanks Tanuja For Saving Rishi :- Tanuja saved Rishi from the terrorist bullets and she gets hospitalised Rishi gets too much concerned about her and tells doctor that nothing bad should happen to her Rano reaches there and saw Rishi then she started manipulating Rishi against Tanuja and says if he will develope any feelings for her than he will cheat Tanu Rishi says he will never do that as no one can take Tanu place in his life.


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Rishi went straight to Malaika room and says will you marry me again and again she says yes he says ok I will marry you Malaika but there will be no physical relation between us in the future as only Tanu reserve this right no one else Malaika agrees and says you don’t know how much I love you and can do anything for you.

Rano informs Tanuja that Rishi has proposed Malika and soon they will marry each other she gets shocked. A happy and excited Malaika went to tells this news to everyone that she is soon going to get married they asked who is the guy she said Rishi as he has proposed her and she says yes Raj gets stunned knowing this.

Malaika comes in the room and hugs Tanuja for saving Rishi life this proposal wedding and everything is because of Tanuja. She thanks her and was happy Tanuja got fine really soon. She goes to speak to Rishi about her parent’s consent they might not be able to attend the wedding, so Tanuja would be her family. She comes to ask Tanuja for her help with preparations, Tanuja looks at Rishi in the mirror and promises to do anything possible for this wedding.

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