May 30, 2020

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 21st July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Gets Killed

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 21st July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Gets Killed :- Tanu and Rishi were still in jungle walking here & there while Raj Rano finds the whole reality about Neha Bani lies they scold them a lot Raj even told Neha that I give you a curse that if you marry even the richest person in whole world even than you’ll never stay happy. Rano slaps them both and breaks all ties with them.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 99 Written Updates

Raj announces a reward that whoever will tell him where Tanu and Rishi is he will give them 1 crore some goons who were watching this news saw them after which they kidnap them both and put them in a car. Kidnappers call Raj and tell them that he have to give them 2 crore if they want their son alive.

One of the goon tries to rape Tanu but in the end Rishi manages to fight them out and they both escaped from their custody. They called Raj and he gets happy knowing that now they’re safe. Neha calls his lover Sandy and tells him that Rishi raped her and now he went to do the same with her cousin Tanu.

An angry Sandy went to kill Rishi the temple lady prays to Kali Maa to save her son Rishi as death is coming near him. Sandy hits Rishi bike with his car it fells down then he shouts at Rishi and shoots him but Tanu came in the way gets killed left Rishi alone in this birth.

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