May 30, 2020

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 20th July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Rishi Prays Together

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 20th July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Rishi Prays Together :- Raj and Rano finds the whole truth about Pavan then Raj starts beating him saying that you goon you are trying to destroy my daughter’s Tanvi life but all of a sudden Pavan was about to throw Raj from the temple stairs thankfully Manpreet came to his rescue but somehow Pavan manages to escape with the help of Savitri.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 98 Written Updates

Raj thanks Manpreet for helping him he says that if he had not done that than Rishi wouldn’t have leave him Bani says but now what will happen to her daughter Tanu as that greedy Tanvi manipulated Rishi and takes him away from the mandap to marry him.

Temple lady reveals that Rishi Tanu are now married to each other and now no one can separate them as they are made for each other. Bani requests Raj to get them divorced and make Rishi marry her daughter Tanu but the lady again interrupts saying Bani is lying.

The temple lady further reveals that Tanvi is actually Tanu in reality who got engaged in her childhood with Rishi everyone gets shocked knowing all this and scolds Bani & Neha for misleading them. Rishi prays to Goddess to keep them always happy while Tanu prays to Goddess to keep them together in each life.

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