Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 19th October 2016 Written Updates Rishi Proposes Malaika Says Yes

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 19th October 2016 Written Updates Rishi Proposes Malaika Says Yes :- Terrorists who were holding Rishi hostage takes him to the hall Tanuja in a hurry went upstairs where she finds Malaika and asks him about where is Rishi she replied I don’t know. Tanuja tells Malaika to let her go and save Rishi as she cares for his life way more then hers. Terrorist beat Rishi but he fights back and beats them badly Tanuja gets shocked seeing this.


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One of the terrorist points a gun at Rishi, and deters to kill him. He asks his companions to call police chief, if they don’t get a bullet proof car in 5 minutes, Rishi would be gone. The police chief assures media that nothing would happen. His associate says they can’t trust these terrorists, and should attack them. Bedi family was travelling towards the hotel. Raj plays the radio news which says say if the police doesn’t get them bullet proof car in five minutes they would kill Rishi with bullets.

In the hall, the terrorist begins the count down as it’s time for Rishi to die. Rishi thinks its time to get close to Tanu. Tanuja finds a nearby knife lying nearby. Someone comes out to announce they have killed Rishi Singh Bedi. The police plans the attack. Inside, the terrorist was about to pull the trigger when Tanuja attacks his arm with a knife. The bullet was fired in air, Tanuja fell over Rishi. The terrorists held guns over them, Rishi protective for Tanuja. The police forces entered the hall shooting all around, the terrorists disperse.

After all this incident on Rano insisting Rishi went to Malaika room asks her in an angry manner will you marry me Malaika says yes then he says we will have all kind of relationships between us like a husband wife but no physical relationship as only Tanu reserve this right no one else Malaika agrees.

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