Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Malaika Cuts Tanuja Saree

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Malaika Cuts Tanuja Saree :- Rishi and Tanuja after getting scared by a bat sit hiding wrapped in a bed sheet Malaika saw them together and thinks that they got physical with each other she tells about this to Rano that Rishi has not kept his promise later at office some clients at the meeting makes fun of Malaika and she gets upset that people are talking bad about her Rishi promises her that he will marry her soon.


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Malaika presents Raj with a drink and asks how the party is Raj clarifies it isn’t a party but a wedding reception He then asks if she has seen anyone else wearing such dress, they are traditional people. He just heard someone say she must be married to Rishi, people lie in such parties. Malaika asks how? He says just like she just lied about being responsible for all these arrangements.

Raj boasts that in a while, Tanuja will come downstairs wearing the saree he gifted and everyone would be in awe. Rano goes behind Malaika who hurries upstairs. Rishi was coming downstairs, Malaika smiles watching him then notices he was in some stance and didn’t notice her present

Malaika comes upstairs to find Tanuja’s room unlocked. She takes the saree on her bed and thinks Tanuja would never wear the saree Raaj wants. She looks around, then finds a scissor and cuts the saree; cautiously leaving the room. Tanuja calls from behind. Malaika asks if she isn’t still ready. Tanuja says she got a bit late, then notices her saree had been torn. Malaika screams watching the torn dress doing drama.

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