Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Malaika Manipulates Rishi to Marry Her

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Malaika Manipulates Rishi to Marry Her :- Rishi and Tanuja have started getting closer to each other by the time and Malaika is not liking it she finds them under bed sheet together and removes bedcover from them in anger later she tells regarding this to Rano crying doing drama that she caught them wrapped under a bed sheet together and Rishi does not kept his promise of not getting physical with Tanuja Rano gets shocked.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 184 Written Updates

Tanuja says she got ready early in the morning and was working in kitchen, unlike him. Rishi sips a tea from the cup, and remembers Tannu and her tea. He stares towards Tanuja, smiling. Tanuja had been wiping dust from shelves and books around. Rishi turned his head back, as she goes there; still smiling towards her in a trance.

The tea spills over Rishi’s clothes, he rushes towards washroom. Tanuja goes behind him apologetic. Rishi comes out of washroom in towel and sends Tanuja to clean the pants and press them. Tanuja says he had forbidden him touch his things, she won’t touch his pants at all. Tanuja was shocked to see Malaika outside, Rishi explains it’s not what she is thinking. Tanuja doesn’t support Rishi saying he removed her pants because of her.

In the office, Rishi apologizes for being late for meeting. His colleague says he is a married couple, and can be late. They apologize for not being able to attend their wedding. Rishi clarifies they didn’t marry, he got married to someone else and not Malaika. A board member asks if there wasn’t Malaika’s name on the invitations. Later Malaika doing drama yet again tells Rishi that her image has been spoiled as office people are talking bad about her Rishi promises Malaika that he will marry her.

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