Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 13th July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Tells Rishi Truth

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 13th July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Tells Rishi Truth :- Rishi reached near the Kali Maa temple while he gets a bit tried and decides to stay there for sometime with his love Tanu. Pavan and his family starts fighting with Raj, Guljeet and Bani but Ahana shouts at them saying that what you told me in the mandap during the wedding if you said the same to my di than even she would have ran away immediately.


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Raj asks Ahana where is Tanu then he asks the same question to Manpreet he says that she ran away with Rishi Pavan says that there are no cars outside but Manpreet says he runs away on that horse named Victoria on which you came as groom he gets stunned hearing this.

Tanu wakes up and starts blaming herself as she is the one who is responsible for the insult his Bauji will face today at the Mandap she also accuses herelf for breaking the promise she did with Raj Rishi says you’re not guilty but she says no I am for not being tough with you.

The lady in the Kali Maa insists Tanu to inform Rishi that she is the one his fate has been linked and she is his destiny but he did’nt believed her. Rishi says that she is not that girl but finally Tanu reveals the truth in front of Rishi saying that she is not Tanvi but Tanu in reality.

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