Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 12th July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Scolds Rishi

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 12th July 2016 Written Updates Tanu Scolds Rishi :- Ahana putting on the veil sits in place of Tanu as she made her drink something after which she felt unconscious. Rishi gets happy seeing this as now he can run away with Tanu and marry her. Bani calls Tanu and Ahana went in her place to the mandap no one gets suspicious about them as all of them were thinking that Tanu came for marriage with Pavan.


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The marriage rituals begins Rishi went outside with Tanu UV tells him to take the horse cart and run away with her. He agrees and puts her on the cart and starts riding it. Ahana was sitting in the mandap and feeling tensed as if her truth comes out then everything is going to get over.

Neha gets happy with her friend that now Tanu life is going to get destroyed forever and She will turn American by marrying Rishi. Rishi reaches near a temple of Kali Maa and stopped there he prayed to Maa to keep him and Tanu together on her behalf too.

Pavan holds Ahana hand thinking its Tanu says do as I and Saloni says otherwise you will face the consequences she stands up says that Tanu ran away with Rishi everyone gets shocked hearing this. Tanu wakes up and scolds Rishi a lot in Kali Maa temple saying that her promise with Raj has been broken.

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