Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 17 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Safe Rishi Gets Kidnapped

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 17 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Safe Rishi Gets Kidnapped :- Rishi stops Tanu from putting Sindoor in her maang but she requests him to let her do it for one last time he allows her but hides it so that she will look like a to be bride. At the party Rishi makes an announcement that this party is happening because of Tanuja they got divorced now and today is her swayamvar she can reject anyone but on one here can reject her Biji gets shocked seeing this asks Raj what is he doing he says Rishi is trying to give Tanuja happiness by taking pain Rishi wants Tanuja to tell him to stop all this.

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Shekhar keeps waiting for the time to kidnap Tanuja. Malaika calls him up to know if he has kidnapped Tanuja yet. Shekhar yells at her and tells her not to bug him again and again. Malaika thinks that it was the worst decision of my life when she brought Tanuja to the Bedi house. Rishi left Tanuja with a friend of his, for him to get to know her but Tanuja keeps thinking about Rishi. He tries to hold her hand when she decides to leave. In her heart, she thinks that she would have taught him a lesson, if it weren’t for Rishi’s Kasam. She snatched away her hand and goes into the room.

Tanuja cries her heart out and Shekhar uses this moment to kidnap her. He asks his men to go and use a cloth full of chloroform to make her unconscious. But just before they could make her sniff the chloroform, Ahaana comes and throws them out of Tanuja’s room. They both share a light moment and make fun of Arjun, who tried to hold Tanuja’s hand. Shekhar gets shocked to see that his men fail ed to kidnap her. Manpreet catches Shekhar off guard once again and he asks him the reason for staying so long. He reminds him the last time, when he threw him out of the Bedi house.
Manpreet threatens him and asks him to leave the party. Shekhar’s men are still at work and are trying their best to find Tanuja alone.

Rishi comes over to Tanuja and asks her if she liked anyone. Tanuja gets angry with Rishi because he left him with a stranger who misbehaved with her. Rishi tells her that its ok that he didn’t like Arjun. He says that he organised this party for her and there are many more bachelors she could meet but Tanuja refuses to meet anyone and says that maybe she is not destined to get married again. She excuses herself from the party and leaves. Shekhar’s men follow her to her room. Unfortunately Tanuja enters a room which is dark. Rishi keeps following her and falls prey to the kidnappers blow. The kidnappers unknowingly hit Rishi on the head instead of Tanuja. They put him in a sack and take him away to the car.

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