Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 16 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Rishi Organizes Tanuja Swayamvar

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 16 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Rishi Organizes Tanuja Swayamvar :- Tanuja saves Rano from suffering a big accident Rishi after filing for divorce with Tanuja announces a party at their residence Tanuja went to get ready she ws about to put Sindoor in her maang but Rishi came there and stops her from doing so as she is no more his wife Tanuja requests him to let her apply it for one last time he allows her but after that he hides it so that she will appear as a to be bride in front of all the guests who will attend the party organised by him.

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Rishi celebrates the successful merger of his company with Shekhar’s company. Manpreet tells biji that it is a coincidence that most of the guests are doctors, engineers and ate bachelors as well. He tells biji that they are all eligible and it is possible that Rishi has planned a surprise for Tanuja. Sheetal, one of the guests at the party is very clingy and Rano tries her best to avoid her but she is still finds her and informs her that she is here to find a match for his son.

Rishi and Tanuja enter the party and Raj praises Rishi in front of all the guests. He says that Rishi is not just his son, he is his Pride. He says that he is an intellectual and has the capacity to take their business to all the new heights of success. He continues and says that he is just not a successful businessman, he is a very compassionate man. He expresses his joy that Rishi is his son and Rishi blushes silently. When Rishi takes the stage he thanks Raj and all the guests for coming to the party. He says that this party is not dedicated to him, it is dedicated to the one who had been praying for him all along.

At the party Rishi tells them that they have invited all the bachelors to meet Tanuja and to see if they find a good companion in her. He tells the guests that Tanuja’s decision will be final. She has the power to reject anyone but no one should reject her. He says that he has taken a divorce from Tanuja. He tells the guests that Tanuja wanted to divorce him because he is not easy to put up with. He also says that Tanuja is his lucky charm and his destiny. He wants to be good friends with her for life but he wants her to have a new companion too.

Biji comes to Raj and asks him what he is doing. Raj gives an easy answer and says that Rishi is making a new bond with pain, a much deeper relation with a life time of pain. Rishi personally takes Tanuja to meet one of his friends, who is also a divorcee. He feels immense pain in leaving his wife with him to talk. Tanuja feels that she has divorced Rishi and her destiny is no longer a curse for him. She wants him to make her stay close but Rishi is adamant and has decided to get her married to someone else. Rishi also feels the same thing and he still wants Tanuja to ask him to stop.

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