Jan 28, 2020

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 15 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Rishi Stops Tanuja from Putting Sindoor

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 15 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Rishi Stops Tanuja from Putting Sindoor :- Tanuja and Rishi filed the divorce papers to the lawyer he says that its the first divorce of his career with love being the reason Rishi came outside says today is Valentines Day and I gave you divorce Tanuja says like you give me rose everyday Rishi puts his hand in his pocket and gifts Tanuja a rose she accepts with a heavy heart. Rishi helps a baloon seller he says I bless you that you will stay with your love forever Tanuja cries Rishi says don’t do that we will stay together after filing divorce for next 6 months.

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Back at home, John fell down the stairs with Chintoo’s toys. Divia was brining Rano downstairs, while Rano said her dream would be fulfilled when Rishi and Tanuja would be married to separate people. Divia brings Rano to the stair case when Bee ji calls her. Rano insists on her to go to Bee ji first. Rano’s chair slip off the stairs. Tanuja comes to hold her by arm.

Rano gets shocked to see that it was Tanuja who saved her life this time. Tanuja tries to take care of Rano but she asks her to get away. She curses Tanuja and says that it is because of her that she is stuck to this wheelchair. She says that whenever she looks at Tanuja’s face, the night when she got beaten up in the jail, flashes in front of her eyes. Tanuja also feels that she is responsible for Rano’s condition.

Rishi announces a party Tanuja gets ready for the party. Just before she could put Sindoor on her forehead, Rishi comes and ask her to stop. Rishi tells Tanuja that there will be men who will see her as a would be bride. She can’t have sindoor on her forehead. Tanuja tells him that since their marriage, not even a single day has passed when she has not put Sindoor on her forehead. She asks Rishi to let her do it one last time. Rishi hides her sindoor with a Tiara and makes her look like a bride to be.

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