Jan 28, 2020

Today Karamphal Daata Shani 17 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Shani Surya Dev War Begins

Today Karamphal Daata Shani 17 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Shani Surya Dev War Begins :- Shukracharya praises Rahu for making Shani come to there side he says now we will fully support him and will go on a war with Devtas after defeating them we will share their property equally together Shani came saying you are not different from Devtas you are also greedy like them and today you proved it Shukracharya gets shocked and tensed too Shani says today I will punish you too for being greedy. Rahu says you are saying right my friend Shukracharya is not different from Dev’s he is same like them.

Karamphal Daata Shani Episode 75 Written Updates

Rahu says nor I am a God neither a demon so I am not like them Shani says why you came here Rahu then I did not respond this doesn’t means I don’t understand your games Shani warns Shukracharya to be ready for your punishment fter capturing Dev Lok I will knock door to hellp. Sun rises Surya Dev came for the war with Shani also Indra Dev came and hides behind Surya Dev so that he will not suffer any hit.

Shani came alone without any army for the war with Surya Dev before the war begins Surya Dev says how bad is today that a father has to go against his son a father always want good of his son Shani says you says right Devraj but a father lkike you who did so much bad with his son deserves this to go against his son Surya Dev I accept my mistakes and I am ready to pay for my mistakes come back home son leave your weapons.

Shani says some mistakes can never been forget even I am ready to forgive but can I can my mother back no there has been so much of delay now there will be a war and every Dev will get punished. Shani uintroduces Yami tied in Chains Surya Dev gets shocked seeing him tells him what you are doing he is your brother Shani says have you think about that how I felt after losing my mother no you haven’t thought but I lost my everything. I left Surya Lok but then who came behind me to Kak Lok they killed Kakol mother too.

Surya Dev warns Shani to leave Yam otherwise the result will be bad Shani says do whatever you want he gave Shani first chance to hit Rahu
manipulates Shani again Shani says I giving you one last chance give me Dev Lok and go somewhere else Surya Dev says no Shani says ok if this is your decision than I can’t do anything.

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