Today Jamai Raja Episode 8th November 2016 Written Updates Payal Brings Aleena as Mahi

Today Jamai Raja Episode 8th November 2016 Written Updates Payal Brings Aleena as Mahi :- Satya gets dressed as a hotel staff member and sneaks into Mahi room after which he begins his investigation he checks her belongings then in her bag he finds her driving licence he gets shocked seeing the name on it as it was Aleena and she was from UK behind her Aleena was standing he gets caught by her and gets too much scared she grabs him from the neck and starts beating him.


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Aleena says she will call the police now Satya says please no as I am too much scared of Police she then takes him outside suddenly Mittul finds about this and informs regarding this to Deeda, Mahi and Koyal they all went to see whats happening there and gets shocked seeing Satya involved in all this then they tried to make everyone understand that he is not the culprit.

Police came on the spot Aleena says arrest Satya Mahi tells her excuse me from behind and gets shocked seeing her face Aleena pushes her away she fell down then finally Aleena went away Mahi shows her old pictures to officers and explains them the whole story then finally they freed Satya and Mahi decides to find out whats actually going on.

Mahi confronted Aleena again but as she was a stunt women she slapped her hard and insults her very much Mahi decides to go back to Sen Gupta house and make Satya the owner of whole property Payal came up with yet another plan she brings Aleena in the house as Mahi and tells officers that this Mahi is fake arrest her.

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