Today Jamai Raja Episode 8th August 2016 Written Updates Sid Defeats Payal

Today Jamai Raja Episode 8th August 2016 Written Updates Sid Defeats Payal :- Payal has a face off with Sid as she finds out that Riya is helping him gets shocked scolds her and breaks all her ties with her. They all reached back home and were planning for their next move suddenly Payal came and invites them as she is going to acquire Mauve forever.


Jamai Raja Episode 553 Written Updates

Payal signing on the acquistion papers happily Mr. Smith announces his collaboration with Khurana company which puts Payal in a state of shock Sid walks on to the stage happily and victoriously Payal gets stunned and thinks she was cheated by Mr. Smith and Sid.

Sid thanks everyone and says Mauve is not my company but of someone who took care of the company since its beginning. He says Neil Sen Gupta and Roshni Khurana took care of the company He asks them to come on stage and asks Payal to sit He tells that Mr. Smith is his family friend.

Police comes and arrests Payal for fraud and attempt to murder on a pregnant woman Roshni. Payal says I am innocent and says accused is Sid and Neil. She asks Riya to tell truth she says Payal is guilty take him.

Sid tells Payal that you did a mistake and felt us weak because of your over confidence. He says it is bad to think me weak and says enjoy your time in jail. Payal says I will not leave you once I get out of jail.

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