May 28, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 8 September 2016 Written Updates Mahi Slaps Satya Kisses Her

Today Jamai Raja Episode 8 September 2016 Written Updates Mahi Slaps Satya Kisses Her :- After getting insulted in front of all the chawl people by Koel as she burnt the expensive Rs 25,000 dress Satya scolds Mahi as she offered her sympathy towards him he told her that you rich people are absolute fake and doesn’t have a heart hearing all this she felt extremely bad and decides to help him.


Jamai Raja Episode 576 Written Updates

Satya participates in a local competition where he has to lift a heavy Ganpati Idol on his shoulders as all others have failed to do so prize money is Rs 15,000 Satya successfully lifts the Ganpati Idol Deepu reaches there and throws glass pieces on the floor in order to stop him from completing the task but he successfully manages to complete the whole challenge.

Mahi gives the competition organizer extra money and he awarded Satya with Rs 25,000 as reward instead of Rs 15,000 he gets happy Satya went with the money to Gangu Tai Deepu again insults her and Satya in front of chawl people Satya finds out from Deepu that both Mahi and Koel are Payal’s daughter.

Payal comes with a boy to Mahi and asks her to go on a dinner with him she went with him but that boy leaves the place for a minute Satya reaches there and tells Mahi to keep her money as he does want it he calls her mother a liar hearing which Mahi slaps him she throws money at him and tells him to keep it as your fees he says its very less than Satya kissed Mahi says now its done.

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