Today Jamai Raja Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Mahi Sees Aleena Gets Shocked

Today Jamai Raja Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Mahi Sees Aleena Gets Shocked :- At the hotel Satya gets shocked seeing a girl who was a complete look alike of Mahi he went in the pool to romance her but she called guards then he begins his investigation at the Halloween party Satya did a dance with her and starts getting too much close she pushes him away and says stupid idiot Payal saw all this and confronts Satya regarding this they both get shocked as they both were unaware regarding that.


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Payal says that now there is only one away to find out whats actually going on we both need to join hands Satya says you are the only lady in the whole world I hate the most but I love Mahi the most as well and for her I will do this then they decide to keep Mahi away from her as it can be dangerous for her also Payal informs Shom regarding that and even he gets shocking hearing about this.

Koyal in her room was continuously drinking Mahi tried to stop her but Koyal scold her then Deeda came and tells Mahi you swear on me that you will never do that again. Later both Payal and Satya started following that girl finally they managed to find her room. Satya gets dressed as a hotel staff member and goes inside her room to investigate while Payal was waiting outside.

Satya finds her driving license and her name was Aleena on that and she was from UK he says Aleena behind her she says that this is my name he gets shocked seeing her Aleena creates a lot of drama at the hotel she called guards and alleges that he was stealing from her room Mahi came and says excuse me from behind she gets shocked seeing Aleena face.

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