May 28, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 7 September 2016 Written Updates Stya Cries Mahi Feels Bad

Today Jamai Raja Episode 7 September 2016 Written Updates Stya Cries Mahi Feels Bad :- Koel finds the truth about Satya she goes to him and insults him after this Mahi came she says stop now its over Koel says it will not get over until she puts an end to it she gets on stage and starting saying bad about Satya to all the Chawl people as how he trapped her by lying that he is a rich man and lives a lavish life while in truth he is a poor fellow.


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Koel even drags Gaugu Tai and says that Satya has learnt all these dirty tactics of trapping rich girls from her everyone gets shocked hearing this after this Koel burns the Rs 25,000 dress and this act of her left everyone stunned she then left getting happy Mahi goes to Koel and scolds her for all her wrong doings.

Mahi then went to Satya and apologizes to him and says that she will talk to Gangu Tai as Gangu Tai locks herself in the room Satya stops her and takes her away with him Deepu gets happy on his victory over Satya even he insults him in front of everyone.

Satya takes Mahi away with him insults her he says that you rich people doesn’t haave a heart like us I thought that you are not like all of them but now I found that you are same as them Mahi feels bad and follows him as he went to take her Tai necklace back.

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