Today Jamai Raja Episode 7 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Rescues Anya

Today Jamai Raja Episode 7 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Rescues Anya :- Sid tells Roshni that he will always be there for her to protect her no matter that their ways are different now but he has promised someone and now he will fulfill it. Roshni asks who you are talking about Sid says my Sansu Mom they both cried hugging each other. Then he tells her to go as now you are Neel’s wife spent a happy life with him.


Jamai Raja Episode 527 Written Updates

Neel was preparing bedroom for Roshni to surprise her she came he hugs her from behind then kissed her suddenly she tried to go away he says that I remember about my promise to you and I want to assure you that everything will happen slowly from now on.

Anya drresed up in a beautiful manner for Sid he came back and has not even noticed her she saw Roshni’s lipsticks marks on his blazer and gets disappointed. He tells her that he has a lot of work to do and doesn’t have any time to go on a dinner with her tonight.

Next day when Anya & Sid were going somewhere suddenly Aarav arrives and takes Anya in his car she cries for help Sid recognizes Aarav and follows his car he rescues Anya from him she cries in his arms thinking that Sid is now falling in love with her as her plan is working.

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