Today Jamai Raja Episode 5 July 2016 Written Updates Roshni Finds About Neel Disorder

Today Jamai Raja Episode 5 July 2016 Written Updates Roshni Finds About Neel Disorder :- Neel was continuously behaving in a bad manner with Roshni seeing which Sid gets a bit concerned about her and decides to find the actual reason behind this sudden changes in Neel’s behaviour. Sid fools Ranjeet by making him drink so much that he lost all his senses after which he reveals the whole truth regarding Neel’s old disease in front of Sid at the club.


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Ranjeet tells Sid that Neel is suffering from Bipolar disorder and he is mentally unstable. On the other Neel once again gets drunk and was trying to find Roshni who is at the office and having a important meeting with a client regarding the merger of a reputed company with Mauve magazine.

Suddenly Neel arrives there and makes a complete mess as he asks Roshni that I want to meet my manager as my credit cards are not working to which she tells him that I blocked all your cards he goes in the cabin and takes money out of the wallet to buy more alcohol to drink.

Later at night Neel came and apologizes to Roshni she says that I will stay with you but we will not have any husband wife relationship between us he agrees. After that Sid came back from the club he meets Roshni and informs her about Neel bipolar disorder she gets shocked hearing this.

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