Today Jamai Raja Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Satya Payal Joins Hands to Find Mahi Truth

Today Jamai Raja Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Satya Payal Joins Hands to Find Mahi Truth :- Satya along with the whole Sen Gupta family went for a picnic but in the middle of the road when he went to buy snacks and drinks he gets stunned seeing Shiny Doshi alias real Mahi in the car he tried to follow her but she gets away. Then they all went to Hotel when everyone was talking to the manager Satya saw real Mahi swimming in the pool and he gets inside holds her look into her eyes she called the guards they took him away from her.


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Payal asks Satya what happened why is he wet he says I got slipped in the pool then he went inside room Satya saw a hotel staff person he asked her about Mahi by showing her old photograph then he bribed him the person says you can meet her in the evening at the Halloween party. Later Satya tells Payal that he wants to go for the party as it will be so much fun after so much of argument finally she agrees.

Later in the day Satya saw Payal talking to some lady whose face was being covered she is making some evil plans with her but he failed to see her he questioned Payal regarding her but she did not answered Payal thinks I hope so Satya have not seen her while Satya thinks I hope so Payal have not seen the real Mahi.

In the evening at Halloween party Satya saw real Mahi he did a romantic dance with her removed her mask tried to get too much close with her she pushes him away calls him idiot Payal saw all that even she gets shocked seeing real Mahi Payal questioned Satya saying I know you are playing a game with me he said the same to her then they think there is a third person who is playing a game with both of them and joins hands to find out.

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