Today Jamai Raja Episode 4th August 2016 Written Updates Sid Becomes Fake Doctor

Today Jamai Raja Episode 4th August 2016 Written Updates Sid Becomes Fake Doctor :- Sid finally reveals the whole truth in front of Neel that he is not married to Anya and him and Roshni are still husband wife Payal sent goons to beat Roshni after which she gets hospitalised but later it turned out that she is pregnant Sid gets happy and takes her back to home where she received a warm welcome from Simran and Raj.


Jamai Raja Episode 551 Written Updates

Payal Walia comes with police and gets Raj Khurana arrested on using the name of British Lifestyle magazine to their advantage Police takes him away Sid runs behind them and gets Raj released. Then he went to meet Payal and challenges her that her countdown has started from now on.

Roshni asked Sid whats our next plan of action Payal drinks coffee and gets unconscious fainted Mittul came and she was being checked by doctor later she saw some signs from which its obvious that she has very less time left. Neel asked Payal why are you doing this all to Khurana’s she says because they are helping my enemy which is you.

At Sen house Payal sees her nose bleeding and checks for the symptoms in her phone. She thinks how can this happen and calls Mr. Dixit asking him to do it so soon. She thinks how can life make joke with me. Sid as a fake doctor tells Payal that you are suffering from leukemia. Payal asks how much time I have left.

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