Today Jamai Raja Episode 4 July 2016 Written Updates Ranjeet Tells Sid Truth

Today Jamai Raja Episode 4 July 2016 Written Updates Ranjeet Tells Sid Truth :- After knowing the truth regarding Roshni Neel gets shocked and fell unconscious after he wakes up he drinks again after which he misbehaved with Roshni. Neel also throws the food that servent brings up for him as breakfast and Sid witnessed all that by himself and decides to find the truth behind sudden changes in Neel’s behaviour which are continuously happening.


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Sid consulted a doctor friend of his and he tells him that to find the actual reason behind Neel behaviour he need to meet him or study his past otherwise he can’t do anything. Mittul Mami scolds Ranjeet as her plan fails once and Sid hears their whole conversation which gave him an opportunity to know everything.

Ranjeet went to a club and Sid arranges expensive drinks & snacks for him in order to get the truth regarding Neel out of his mouth. After drinking once Ranjeet lost his senses Sid starts interrogating him and asks him to tell about your elder brother why is he doing all this from the past few days.

Answering Sid question Ranjeet said that Neel is mad, he is crazy as this is not happening for the first time. His past girlfriend Riya left him because of this problem. He is a bipolar and this was being confirmed by a doctor from London. Sid gets shocked knowing all this as Naina Devi made Roshni marry a mentally sick person.

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