Today Jamai Raja Episode 3rd November 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Swimming Pool Romance

Today Jamai Raja Episode 3rd November 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Swimming Pool Romance :- After undergoing a plastic surgery Mahi alias Sara Khan came back home where she saw her past pictures and cried a lot breaking them Mittul tried to find out that whether she is the real Mahi or not by putting flowers in front of her nose after which she sneezed Mittul says that this means she is the actual Mahi. Payal called the lawyer to prepare papers for the property as only 1 month left he said consider it done madam someone was listening to the whole conversation from outside the room.


Jamai Raja Episode 616 Written Updates

Payal tells Mahi sweety its the right time that you make me trustee of the whole property as you recently faced an accident and it seems that your life is in severe danger at the moment Mahi replied saying mumma I have taken a decision today that I will make Satya the trustee as he doesn’t have any blood relation with us and I trust him a lot so even you are safe then hearing which Payal gets shocked.

Lawyer came and says are you sure Mahi because once the decision has been taken then its irreversible Mahi says I am absolutely sure Payal was watching all this and was fuming out of anger. Satya tells Payal Sansu Mummy you have underestimated me a lot now see what I will do next to you. Satya planned a picnic and everyone including Payal agreed to go with him.

In the middle of the road car gets stopped Satya and Mittul went to buy cold drinks and snacks for everyone Mittul heard the voice of old Mahi Satya followed the car but it gets away. Everyone reaches the hotel and Payal was talking to the hotel staff suddenly Satya saw Mahi alias Shiny Doshi enjoying in the pool he gets inside and shared romantic moments with her.

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