Today Jamai Raja Episode 3rd August 2016 Written Updates Sid Challenges Payal Gets Unconscious

Today Jamai Raja Episode 3rd August 2016 Written Updates Sid Challenges Payal Gets Unconscious :- Roshni gets pregnant and was being hospitalised as she was being beaten up by the goons sent by Payal Walia. Finally after Sid praying to God she gets fine and gets discharge after which she went with Sid to Khurana house as she receives a warm welcome there.


Jamai Raja Episode 550 Written Updates

Sid lifts Roshni in his arms and takes her to the couch where they start making love Simran gets sad seeing them as she was feeling guilty She apologized to Roshni and she immediately forgives her for all her wrong doings after which all of them get happy.

Police comes there and Simran asks what happened? Sid asks Inspector what? Payal says now it is my turn to make you hear something she shows the papers and says Khurana Industries have used American company name for their advantage and that’s why that company have filed defamation case against your Khurana industries.

Payal further says that British lifestyle magazine is with Walia company and asks how is it Sid laughs and asks her to come out of illusion. He says you can’t break or harm my family. Payal laughs aloud and says Sid…you are afraid of loss. Don’t worry. You don’t need to get scared as someone else is in the frame. She reads another paper and says Raj will be arrested for using British lifestyle magazine wrong.

Roshni tells Sid that she wants to go he shows her teddy bear and says he brought it for her she asks what is the next plan? Sid asks her to hear. Payal drinks coffee and gets unconscious immediately.

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