Jun 1, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 31st October 2016 Written Updates Mahi Car Brake Fails Satya Saves Her

Today Jamai Raja Episode 31st October 2016 Written Updates Mahi Car Brake Fails Satya Saves Her :- Satya in order to expose the reality of Payal in front of Mahi makes yet another plan and this time with Nagma but suddenly the tables got turned when Nagma backstabbed him and revealed his whole drama of being Sattu in front of Mahi after which she slaps Satya hard and scolds him a lot for cheating on her then Mahi decides to throw Satyya out of her life and forget him forever.


Jamai Raja Episode 613 Written Updates

Satya gets defeated by Payal yet again he tried a lot to make Mahi realise that how much he loves her and whatever he has done is for her good sake but she has not believed him then he asked Nagma why she did this to him on which Payal taunts him saying that you were my pawn and tried to double cross me by using my other pawn but I am not a fool now Mahi has thrown you out and you have lost everything.

Mahi went to her room and started crying Satya came from the windows he tried a lot to talk to her but she bites him and then shouts everyone came Payal calls the security they started beating him viciously and Mahi feels very bad for him then security throws Satya out of the house and Payal gets happy watching that.

Next morning Mahi went to Pune driving her own car but someone failed her car brakes her car fell off the cliff and it started burning Satya reaches there and saves her Payal went to hospital to see Mahi where she finds Satya and slaps him and blames him for her daughter accident but doctor says that Mahi is safe only because of Satya hearing which Payal gets stunned.

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