Today Jamai Raja Episode 30th July 2016 Written Updates Payal Sees Mark Roshni Dress

Today Jamai Raja Episode 30th July 2016 Written Updates Payal Sees Mark Roshni Dress :- Sid and Roshni makes another plan to trap Payal Walia so that they can get the whole property of Neel Sen Gupta back as they made a fake company and called her with an offer to buy Mauve she shows interest then Bunty arranges actors who make Payal believe on them so that she will sign the papers.


Jamai Raja Episode 547 Written Updates

Sid comes to meet Payal in the restaurant she asks him to sit and says you shall concentrate on me. Payal says if you will listen if I request you and gives him wine. Sid says he has kept fast today and don’t drink wine then Payal asks waiter to bring juice. Roshni is keeping a close eye on both of them after which she messages Sid not to look at her and concentrate on Payal instead.

Payal mixes something in Sid’s juice and gives him Sid drinks it and says you are very beautiful compliments her body features, attire etc. Roshni lifts her burqa veil and is completely shocked. Payal says how sweet, and says nobody talked to me like this. Sid says you are the first.

Then Payal takes Sid to the room she booked for him she takes him to bed opens his buttons than went to the washroom to change clothes to seduce Sid even more. Roshni came and takes Sid outside Payal ran behind them but fails to catch.

An angry Payal came back home she saw Riya Neel sleeping together on bed and was about to slap her then Roshni came back and Payal saw some marks on her dress says so this means that everything that has happened was a lie.

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