Today Jamai Raja Episode 30 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Finds Payal Dhawal Truth

Today Jamai Raja Episode 30 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Finds Payal Dhawal Truth :- Satya finally manages to prove that in front of Mahi that Dhawal is just a coward and spineless person nothing else Mahi slaps him hard in front of everyone At Payal bedroom she caught him by his neck and there were scars on Dhawal neck after which he decides to seek revenge from both mother and daughter while on the other hand Deeda and Satya celebrated their victory.


Jamai Raja Episode 592 Written Updates

Mahi came out of her house she blames Dhawal he shows her video where Kajal was buying black clothes he says it proves that She and Satya were behind their kidnapping Mahi did not trust her then she went away from behind he calls his goons gave her an injection from behind she gets unconscious and he takes her to a secret place.

At bedroom Dhawal started taking off Mahi clothes takes her on bed while Dhawal goons were making the video Satya reaches the place in time save Mahi beats Dhawal and his goons Mahi was about to wake up Dhawal holds Satya from behind started screaming Mahi run away from this man Mahi wakes up gets shocked.

Koyal reaches the place and she also took Dhawal side by lying Mahi slapped Satya and says now I will marry Satya and everyone will happen by time. Satya makes another plan to trap Dhawal he arranges a girl who takes him to a hotel bedroom he takes the disguise of a waiter but Payal reaches there slaps Dhawal and tells all her plan Satya was also present there and he was hearing all this.

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