Today Jamai Raja Episode 2nd August 2016 Written Updates Sid Challenges Payal Walia

Today Jamai Raja Episode 2nd August 2016 Written Updates Sid Challenges Payal Walia :- The whole truth of Naina Devi comes out in front of everyone after which Neel says that he is feeling ashamed calling her his mother. He says that you ruined my life making me marry Roshni to which Naina replied that she is not your wife in real he gets shocked hearing this.


Jamai Raja Episode 549 Written Updates

Sid seconds what Naina said and says that your mother is saying truth Neel as Roshni is my wife and our divorce plea got rejected by the court. Then he asked him what about Anya Sid says that his marriage with Anya was just a drama nothing else as she is the mother of Aarav’s child.

In anger Neel went away in his car even Payal takes Riya with her and went somewhere without telling her that where they are actually going. Finally Sid manages to catch Neel and tells him that Riya is the perfect girl for you he hugs him in happiness.

Someone called on Sid phone and he gets shocked hearing Roshni got hospitalised as some goons beat her he finds out that she is pregnant Sid screams in front of God and prays for Roshni suddenly Neel came puts his hand on Sid shoulder informs him that Roshni is alright now.

Payal tells Sid that she has filed defamation case against Khurana company and asks him if he liked his conspiracy. Sid says you can’t win from me and challenges her.

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