Today Jamai Raja Episode 29 September 2016 Written Updates Dhawal Tries to Rape Mahi

Today Jamai Raja Episode 29 September 2016 Written Updates Dhawal Tries to Rape Mahi :- Satya and Kajal as Ruksana and Tabassum kidnaps both Mahi and Dhawal from their mehandi ceremony as Satya messages Dhawal from Mahi cell phone from there they kidnap him also. At Sen house everyone was tensed as Mahi was missing Police officer came Payal tells him to find her as soon as possible as its a matter of pride for her.


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Both Satya and Kajal in disguise of Ruksana and Tabassum tries to scare Dhawal and Mahi after which an absolutely devastated Dhawal pleads them to leave him and keep Mahi as he is just a begger she is rich they free him then even Mahi manages to ran away she comes back to the Sen house later Dhawal came Mahi slaps him hard and says that she cannot marry a spineless and coward person like him.

Satya rejoices that moment even Deeda smiles Payal gets shocked Koyal throws water on Mahi she scolds him she says she was aware about it that you love Satya thats why you break your marriage with Dhawal Payal arrives slaps Koyal hard she gets stunned Payal does some drama Mahi hugs her Payal sheds crocodile tears.

Mahi was being kidnapped by Dhawal he drugged her then takes her to bed starts taking off her clothes Dhawal was trying to rape Mahi Satya reaches the spot Dhawal ran away then he came again Mahi wakes up Dhawal puts blame on Satya Mahi slaps Satya even Koyal reaches the place and supports Dhawal Satya gets stunned.

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