Jun 1, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 28th July 2016 Written Updates Payal Doubts on Sid Bunty

Today Jamai Raja Episode 28th July 2016 Written Updates Payal Doubts on Sid Bunty :- After getting everything from Sen family Payal Walia even backstabbed Mittul as she sent her son Ranjeet to Jail and now Mittul is with team Sid as she wants to teach Payal a lesson. Sid makes a plan to get everything that Payal has acquired from Neel back.


Jamai Raja Episode 545 Written Updates

Roshni thanks Mittul for saving her from getting caught by doing drama at Sid office in front of Payal Walia. Mittul cries saying that I did a lot of bad to you but you are supporting me in return Sid came and says that I have bailed Ranjeet but from now on I need your help Mittul agrees.

Mittul went back at Sen house tells Payal please let me stay here I will do anything for you she says get these papers signed by Roshni. Mittul and Roshni make a plan to fool Payal but by mistake Roshni eats Halwa with drug and lost her senses. Roshni slapped Payal hard.

Bunty arranges some Nepali actors who will act like Chinese to fool Payal so that they can trap her and get all the property back they both even teach them what to do in front of her.

Sid tells Payal that we will definitely find a way as the American businessman don’t know English. Payal asks why they are behaving like Japanese. Sid and Bunty gets absolutely shocked.

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