Today Jamai Raja Episode 28 September 2016 Written Updates Mahi Slaps Dhawal

Today Jamai Raja Episode 28 September 2016 Written Updates Mahi Slaps Dhawal :- Satya is now completely in love with Mahi and he wants to marry her taking help from Siddharth’s diary he has become the wedding planner for her marriage so that he can execute his plan further Koyal is trying to fail his plan but he is intended to win the love of his life and wants to replace Dhawal as her groom Naina Deda is also supporting him as she thinks that Satya is completely like Siddharth Khurrana.


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Mahi was thinking in her room alone that whether all those preperations are being done by Dhawal or it was someone else she went outside her room and gets happy seeing Satya she tries to talk to him but he intentionally igonres her Satya calls Kajal and tells her to bring two black dresses and one dagger.

Mittul Mami was tensed as there was no Mehandi waali available Satya suggested her Ruksana she called her it was actually Satya as Ruksana and agrees to come Satya as Ruksana came insults Dhawal then writes S on the hand of Mahi takes her to kitchen and puts black cloth on her face kidnaps her.

Satya and Kajal kidnaps Mahi also Dhawal they take them to a secret place where Dhawal tries to save himself putting Mahi in danger finally they both gets release back at the Sen house Mahi slaps Dhawal and says that he will never marry a coward and spineless person like him Satya gets happy seeing this.

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