Today Jamai Raja Episode 25th June 2016 Written Updates Sid Roshni Blindfold Dance

Today Jamai Raja Episode 25th June 2016 Written Updates Sid Roshni Blindfold Dance :- There was a sudden change in Neel’s behaviour as he hurts Roshni and also starts to doubt on her seeing which both Mittul & Ranjeet gets happy. Naina is trying hard to hide the secret but it is appearing that soon we will find out what that is and what are going to be the consequences after that.


Jamai Raja Episode 517 Written Updates

Party starts Simran tells everyone that they will play a game where all the couples will get blindffolded and then the girls have to choose the guys whoever they choose they have to dance with them. Roshni choose Sid while Anya selects Neel they start dancing when blind opened everyone gets shocked.

Neel went to the bar and starts drinking thinking about their dance and also Ragini’s disagreement on wedding night. He was feeling very bad and anger was quite clear on his face as he wants to do something very bad.

Ranjeet misbehaves with Roshni Sid came and starts beating him very severely Mittul tries to save her son but he was not stopping Neel arrives there he also slaps Ranjeet on knowing about what he has done but Mittul said that whats wrong if he asks his Bhabhi for a dance Sid also did the same.

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