Jun 1, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 24th October 2016 Written Updates Satya Fails Payal Shom Plan

Today Jamai Raja Episode 24th October 2016 Written Updates Satya Fails Payal Shom Plan :- Satya started behaving like a 10 years old little child Sattu he tells Mahi that he loves her so much rest of the people are bad only she is good. Mahi went outside for some work behind Satya was alone both Koyal and Shom took him to bathroom and starts torturing him in order to expose him but suddenly Mahi reaches there Satya screams she rushes towards him and saves him.


Jamai Raja Episode 608 Written Updates

Payal does some drama as she was attending a phone call that she is in urgent need of Rs 20 Lakh Mahi heard her conversation and tells her that mother my money is your money Payal says that I want to donate money for Neil charity and for that purpose I need money Mahi says I will take the money out of Bank.

Satya says that Mahi I will also go with you as people here are dangerous and they can kill me and my teddy Mahi take him to bank where she asks him to sit and wait Satya goes to call Kajal he tells her that Payal is making a new plan you find out what she has in her mind Mahi saw him talking to someone on phone she asks him who you are talking to Satya replied God as I was telling him to take care of Mahi always.

At night Shom puts money in Satya teddy bear when he was sleeping Next money Payal does drama that someone has stolen the money they called police and asked them to check eveything then Police checked Satya teddy bear but money was not in the teddy seeing which Payal, Shom and Koyal gets a shock of their life.

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