Today Jamai Raja Episode 22 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Gives Roshni Surprise

Today Jamai Raja Episode 22 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Gives Roshni Surprise :- Roshi gets arrested and Sid finds about this Raj Khurana calls the DIG to find out on what charges she has been put behind bars. DIG contacts his men and tells them that their daughter-in-law has been arrested on the serious charges of attempt to murder. Everyone gets shocked knowing this that how can Roshni commit such a serious crime.


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Later in the day on news Sid finds Payal Walia is the CEO of Pari Private Limited and he pledges that he will turn her life into a living hell. Payal Walia organizes a press conference to inform media that she is now the owner of Mauve and Sid along with Raj also went there to see her.

Roshni has been finally released from jail as Raj Khurana gave guarantee to Home Minister but she was being told that she was being released by Neel Sen Gupta hearing this news on TV Payal Walia decides to take revenge from Neel for doing this. Roshni straightaway went to Naina Devi’s house starts scolding Payal but she gave her back.

Sid came at Naina Devi house and gave Payal Walia a taste of her own medicine gets Roshni arrested on the charges of fraud. Police takes Roshni away and leaves her mid way to a place where Sid has arranged a big surprise for his beautiful lovely wife.

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