Today Jamai Raja Episode 21st October 2016 Written Updates Mahi Feeds Satya Food

Today Jamai Raja Episode 21st October 2016 Written Updates Mahi Feeds Satya Food :- Payal tries to manipulate Mahi against Satya that he was behind the conspriracy of replacing her medicines but she has not believed her and says maybe Dhawal has done it as he is their biggest enemy right now. An angry Payal makes another plan with her son Shom to frame Satya as Shom did some tempering with the light wires which are being fixed by Satya and when she was going to touch them Satya pushes her away and takes the electric shock on himself.


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Satya was continuously suffering from the electric shock lying on the floor Mahi saw him and rushes towards him Deeda says don’t touch him anyone then servent turned off the power Satya gets unconscious everyone prays that he gets well soon Payal prays too because if something bad happens to him than she has to face the consequences. Suddenly Satya wakes up everyone rushes to see him then doctor was being called and he came for check up.

When doctor was checking Satya he started behaving like a small kid everyone gets stunned seeing this kind of behaviour by him doctor was about to give him injection Satya hides behind Mahi and says he is scared of needle Mahi agrees him to take the injection Payal smells something fishy behind all this and tells Shom that she will expose Satya soon.

Shom catches Satya wearing his clothes Satya slaps Shom Mahi came between them and gave Satya all the clothes Payal tells Mahi to make tea for her Satya calls her for the food Mahi went to give Satya the food and tells Payal to take tea by herself Payal in anger throws the tea Mahi feeds Satya food by her hands and her love for him was quite evident from her eyes.

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