Today Jamai Raja Episode 20th October 2016 Written Updates Satya Takes Shock Pushes Payal

Today Jamai Raja Episode 20th October 2016 Written Updates Satya Takes Shock Pushes Payal :- Satya brings the officer at Sen house beating him Mahi says to Payal that Mom he is the same officer who kidnapped Satya he makes a sudden turn as he blamed Dhawal for all this actually Koyal bribed him to say all this. Payal said that my son-in-law does not trust me Mahi says there is nothing like that mom he has full faith on you Satya failed yet again to expose Payal reality in front of Mahi.


Jamai Raja Episode 606 Written Updates

Some courier boy brings medicines for Payal Satya brought them in place of Mahi later in the night Payal starts doing Sleep walk and falls from the top of the roof Mahi too falls in order to rescue her Satya came and saves them both Payal again tried to Manipulate Mahi against Satya that he was behind replacing the medicines but she says that Dhawal was behind all this.

Mahi goes to Satya and says what do you think who is behind all this Satya says do you have any doubt on someone Mahi says Dhawal then he replied whoever is behind this very clever. Diwali preperations were going on in full swing lights have to be put on Payal requested Satya to put on the lights then he agrees.

Payal and Shom made another plan to malign Satya image in front of Mahi they did some tempering with the wires but when Payal was about to touch them Satya pushes her away and takes shock on himself Payal gets shocked Mahi came running out of concern then they turn off the power and Satya gets unconscious.

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