Jun 1, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 20 July 2016 Written Updates Roshni Gets Arrested

Today Jamai Raja Episode 20 July 2016 Written Updates Roshni Gets Arrested :- Sid finally finds the whole truth about Anya Aarav and sorted out everything between them. But Naina Devi has lost everything as Mittul sells the whole property and all the assets to Riya and her elder sister. Sid gets shocked knowing about all this and decides to help them out with Roshni.


Jamai Raja Episode 538 Written Updates

Sid went to Naina Devi’s house with Roshni asks her to give all the papers she had and went to the lawyer taking them. He also finds out that Sid Roshni divorce plea got rejected by the court from the lawyer and gets happy to know that Roshni is still his wife.

Riya came to take possession of the house and had a face off with Neel after which his health got critical. Roshni throws her out of the house and tells her not to come here again. After sometime police came to arrest Roshni as Riya filed a complaint against her.

Sid informs commissioner that Roshni has been arrested and was being taken somewhere by the police. Commissioner tells his that she has been taken into custody under the charges of attempt to murder hearing which Sid, Raj and Simran gets shocked.

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