Today Jamai Raja Episode 2 July 2016 Written Updates Neel Drinks Turns Psycho

Today Jamai Raja Episode 2 July 2016 Written Updates Neel Drinks Turns Psycho :- Neel emerge as a full on drunkard as he started beating Roshni and now he finds out about her marriage with Sid after which he gets more angry as he saw him filling sindoor in his current wife forehead and considered it as a cheating as he was not at all aware about all this. Sid decides to resolve everything and will stay at Naina’s home till then.


Jamai Raja Episode 523 Written Updates

Neel was crying and then went to sleep thinking that Roshni cheated on him when he wakes up he asks her for forgiveness and says that I will leave drinking alcohol forever and throws the bottle in the dustbin. Roshni gets happy seeing this and went to prepare breakfast for him.

Roshni finds Sid and he asks her about what happened she tries to go away but he holds her hand Mittul saw all this and finds an opportunity to execute her plan once again. Mittul calls Neel he saw all this and gets angry once again.

In the bedroom Roshni finds empty bottle of alcohol on the floor and Neel has drunk than he turns psycho again servent came with breakfast but he throws everything in the tray. Neel tells Roshni to go and sit alone in a corner.

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