Today Jamai Raja Episode 1st November 2016 Written Updates Shiny Doshi Replaced Mahi Sara Khan Now

Today Jamai Raja Episode 1st November 2016 Written Updates Shiny Doshi Replaced Mahi Sara Khan Now :- As we have already seen in the previous episode of Jamai Raja Mahi throws Satya out of her house as she caught him doing the drama of being Sattu as it was all planned by Payal and Nagma. On the very next morning Payal went to Pune driving her own car but someone did some tempering with her car and in the mid way Mahi finds that her car brakes are failed after which Mahi meets an accident but Satya came to her rescue and saves her.


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Payal reaches the accident spot with Mittul and sees Mahi’s car burning she gets tensed and thinks nothing shall happen to her else my plans will fail. Payal was about to go towards the car but someone stops her and asks where she is going? Payal says my daughter is in the car that man informs her that someone rescued her daughter and took her to hospital.

Mahi is being treated in the hospital. Satya looks at her from outside. Payal comes there with Naina, Mitul and others she slaps Satya and says you have done this so that you can get her property. Doctor comes and asks what she is doing? Satya asks Doctor how is Mahi and says he will do anything to save her. Doctor tells Payal that Mahi is rescued because of Satya.

Everyone prayed for Mahi well being doctor says she is alright now and is calling Satya Mahi says she is alright only because of Satya hearing which Payal gets angry Doctor says due to the burning her face got changed he removed the bandages and Sara Khan replaced Shiny Doshi as the new Mahi in Jamai Raja serial.

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