May 30, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 19 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Finds Divorce Not Happened

Today Jamai Raja Episode 19 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Finds Divorce Not Happened :- Anya in her greed to get Sid in his life forever gets property papers signed from both Roshni & Neel but later she realised that she did the biggest mistake of her life. Roshni went to meet Sid outside where they both saw Aarav after some scuffle with him he finally reveals that Anya is ignoring him as he wants her with her child in his life.


Jamai Raja Episode 537 Written Updates

Sid makes a plan with Aarav he calls Anya and tells her to meet him for one last time but she refuses he takes out a knife cuts his nerves on call screams hearing which Anya gets very scared and runs away to see him whether Aarav is alright or not.

Anya went outside Khurana house and went to see an injured Aarav lying on floor she went to see him cries taking him in her lap says that I left such a genuine lover like you for a person whom I know that will never be mine I made a huge mistake. Sid came and makes her realize what wrong she did.

Then finally Aarav opens his eyes and she hugs him whole drama ends then Anya reveals about the property papers. Sid tells Naina Devi to give him all the papers he will see if he can do anything for them. He finds that rejected divorce papers gets happy to know that he and Roshni are still husband wife.

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