Today Jamai Raja Episode 18th October 2016 Written Updates Mahi Satya Celebrates Karvachauth

Today Jamai Raja Episode 18th October 2016 Written Updates Mahi Satya Celebrates Karvachauth :- Mahi kept Karvachauth fast for Satya long life and Payal made another plan to separate him from her forever she orders her goons to end his life forever Mahi went to police station to get him bailed out of the jail where she finds out that he was already being shifted to some other prison hearing which she gets shocked. A person at the police station tells Mahi that its all a conspiracy as someone wants to kill Satya.


Jamai Raja Episode 604 Written Updates

Kajal and Sunil met Mahi they tell that Satya is in deep trouble and tells her about the place where they have taken him away then Mahi went to search for him with them and she finds a belonginJamai Raja Episode 604 Written Updatesg of Satya. Payal call the police officer and tells him to kill him Satya manages to run away again Cops follow blood spots and catches Satya but Mahi reaches the place and shouts stop.

Satya beats all the goons and the officer then went with Mahi back to the Sen house in her car she saw him with so much of love which Satya really liked. Deeda welcomes them both Payal majkes another drama that she was so much concerned about Satya she even apologizes to him in front of Mahi doing drama.

Then Satya and Mahi celebrates Karvachauth Satya tells Mahi that he was also doing fast for her Deeda likes that then Satya makes Mahi drink water and drinks it from her hand then Mahi feeds Satya laddu then he feeds Mahi laddu too Payal, Shom and Koyal watches then with a lot of sadness on their faces.

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