Today Jamai Raja Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Riya Comes Back with Gangu Tai

Today Jamai Raja Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Riya Comes Back with Gangu Tai :- Gangu Tai catches Satya in the garage he tells her that Mahi is his wife now she gets shocked tells his to leave this girl immediately and go back with me to the village Satya refuses then Gangu Tai left him and went away he gets sad Mahi tells him that he will get his mother back then they decide to go further with their plan in exposing Payal and find out who she is hiding.


Jamai Raja Episode 626 Written Updates

Payal hides that person underground in their house in the garden area Satya sees that Payal goes to garden then disappears he then finds out that Payal asked doctor for insulin which means that the person whom she is hiding is suffering from diabetes then they plan to get Payal out of the house so that they can investigate.

Mahi gave Koyal an injection after which she gets unconscious Payal gets tensed and takes her to hospital where doctor tells her that someone has given her medicines that was being given to horse she rushed back to house. Mahi and Satya investigate garden area reached the secret undergroud plqce where they find a locket.

Later Payal reached the place and finds out that the person ran away she called someone to find that person otherwise our game will be over Satya and Mahi confronts Payal regarding this but suddenly to their shock Gangu Tai arrived there with Mahi real mother Riya she gets extremely happy seeing her

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