Today Jamai Raja Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Finds Secret Place

Today Jamai Raja Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Finds Secret Place :- Satya and Mahi talked to an injured Subhadra she says save someone from your mother they both then went to the garage following Payal but she fooled them both and manages to escape from that place but to his shock Satya gets confronted by Gangu Tai she slaps him hard pushes Mahi away he reveals her that she is his wife as he has taken wedding vows with her.


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Gangu Tai gets shocked she tells Satya to leave this girl and go with me back to the village he says no then she says choose between your mother and wife he chooses Mahi Gangu Tai went away Satya gets sad Mahi calms him down and assures him that she will sort out everything between him and his mother.

Payal hides that person down under the Sen Gupta house she consulted a doctor as the person was ill Satya finds about this then he informed about this to Mahi he says that the person is suffering from diabetes then they planned to get Payal out of the house so that they can investigate.

They make Koyal unconscious Payal took her to hospital behind her Satya Mahi found the place and searches it there was nothing but only a locket then Payal came back they heard her talking to someone on phone to find that person as soon as possible otherwise our game is going to get over they then got sure that Payal is hiding someone.

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