Today Jamai Raja Episode 16 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Saves Mahi From Dhawal

Today Jamai Raja Episode 16 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Saves Mahi From Dhawal :- Satya is slowly falling in love with Mahi even he saw dream of her at night where he was romancing her and kissing her hand his sister asks him whether he loves her or hate her but he makes some excuse and has not answered her questions. Mahi came to Chawl once again with Payal and Gangu Tai gets injured.


Jamai Raja Episode 582 Written Updates

Mahi shows a lot of concern for Gangu Tai and Satya liked all this very much when she was going back to her she was not finding any vehicle suddenly Satya came there on his bike offering her a lift in style but she was not paying any attention towards him he started following her after she not find a rickshaw she decides to sit on his bike.

Satya did some rash driving as he wants Mahi to fall on her while on speed breakers after she reached Mahi scolds her for driving in this manner but she also liked because he gave her a lift. Koel was finding her bottle of wine Mahi says she hides hit she was hitting her Sid stops her and scolds her.

Dhawal came for Mahi she came dressed beautifully Dhawal had a necklace for her but he failed to put her around her neck Satya puts it around Mahi neck and did some romance with her they went to a party together where Dhawal was misbehaving with Mahi and Satya decides to teach him a good lesson.

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