Today Jamai Raja Episode 16 July 2016 Written Updates Roshni Slaps Ranjeet

Today Jamai Raja Episode 16 July 2016 Written Updates Roshni Slaps Ranjeet :- Sid tried to protect Roshni in front of Naina who is blaming her for her sons critical condition. He even tells her that you hide the truth from her that Neel is an alcoholic and is suffering from Bipolar disorder she went away in anger. Roshni thanks him for all the support he is giving her and he gives promise to her that he will soon find out the actual reason behind Neel’s bad behaviour towards her.


Jamai Raja Episode 535 Written Updates

Anya puts a condition in front of Ranjeet and Mittul so she will help them she said help me in throwing Sid out of this house so we both can go to London and live their happy alone otherwise even he knows about Aarav so I don’t care if I get exposed by him or both of you they agreed.

Sid Roshni talks to one of Neel’s old friend Trisha on video chat she told them that Riya was very happy with him but don’t know why she left him. Ranjeet and Mittul went to meet that lady boss his assistant says that her sister is here she turned out to be Riya. They asked her for help as Neel is there common enemy and she agreed.

Because of Mittul evil plan Sid was about to punch Neel and Naina stopped her blamed Roshni again for all this tells Anya to take her husband away from her house. Roshni finds that Ranjeet Mittul is behind all this confronts them and she even slapped Ranjeet.

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