Apr 4, 2020

Today Jamai Raja Episode 15th November 2016 Written Updates Gangu Tai Finds Satya Truth

Today Jamai Raja Episode 15th November 2016 Written Updates Gangu Tai Finds Satya Truth :- Satya and Mahi were together as they are playing a big game fooling Payal as Aleena is also helping both of them in the early morning Payal went to some secret place and Satya followed her she met a lady her name was Subhadra and she was giving her a briefcase full of money Satya informs Mahi about that they planned to find out what Payal is actually trying to do.


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Satya and Payal went to the place but the door was locked from outside Mahi felt that there is someone inside asking for help she asks Satya to break through the door he was about to do it but the people of the locality came and stopped them they say that they came here to meet Subhadra Tai people say come later.

Later Satya and Mahi came as cencus people to Subhadra house and they started questioning her Subhadra ran away from there with the person hiding his/her face she hide the person in the garage then she informed Payal about it calling her Mahi and Satya was running behind her Subhadra got injured and tells Mahi to save someone

Both Satya and Mahi finally reached the garage but Payal reached there before both of them she finds the person and ran away from there shutting the door Satya screams but behind him was Gangu Tai she slapped him then pushes Mahi away Satya told her to stop as Mahi is his wife Gangu Tai gets stunned.

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