Today Jamai Raja Episode 15 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Kiss Mahi Hand

Today Jamai Raja Episode 15 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Kiss Mahi Hand :- Koel asks Payal for money as she wants to go to a night out party Satya tries to stop her saying that the place is not safe for girls as behind there some dirty things happen Koel says now after this Aunty (Mahi) you have also started doing the same thing Payal makes the decision and says Koel you’ll not go.


Jamai Raja Episode 581 Written Updates

Despite of Payal disagreement Koel still went to the party she was dancing there and was totally drunk Mahi went with Payal and gets Satya caught red handed and gets him fired from the job later in the day a concerned Mahi called Satya and tells him to rescue Koel as she went to the party without anyone being aware about it.

Satya went to the party where some boys were misbehaving with Koel they tried to rape her Police siren starts ringing they ran away Satya came and lifts her up in his arms take her back to her house where Payal and Mahi gets relaxed seeing Koel back safe Satya also gave Sunil outster papers from the Chawl after which Payal hires him back to work.

Mahi hears Satya talking to her sister he says sorry because of me you and Sunil are being thrown out of the Chawl he tells them to stay with me at my home till then care about the bigger reward Mahi tells her you are selfish he says she is my sister. At night Satya saw a dream where he was kissing Mahi’s hand.

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