Today Jamai Raja Episode 15 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Punched Neel

Today Jamai Raja Episode 15 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Punched Neel :- Sid gets suspicious about Mittul and Ranjeet hand behind Roshni’s kidnap and he makes a plan with bunty to torture them as they execute it in the park and almost Ranjeet was about to reveal about the papers Mittul manages to escape. Roshni life is getting worst as Neel is behaving in a weird way continuously and his mother Naina is blaming Roshni for all this.


Jamai Raja Episode 534 Written Updates

Anya receives calls from Aarav but she has’nt picked them up finally told him to meet at a secret place Ranjeet and Mittul finds about all this. When Anya met Aarav she threatens him that I will ruin your name and tell my family that you raped me you go away from here and this child in not yours anymore.

When Anya Aarav meeting ended suddenly Mittul and Ranjeet came in front of her they recorded the video of their whole conversation she gets scared and pleads them not to do this then they told her to take Neel and Roshni’s signatures on these papers otherwise they will expose her.

At night Roshni gets shocked when she hears Neel shouting Riya’s name after which she cried a lot in front of Sid as she is caring for a man who doesn’t even love her at all. Next day Neel misbehaves with Roshni again at the dining table and getting frustrated seeing all this Sid went to punch Neel.

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