Today Jamai Raja Episode 14 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Tries to Stop Koel

Today Jamai Raja Episode 14 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Tries to Stop Koel :- Satya came to Payal house as her new assistant she gave him a big food feast Satya liked all the delicious dishes and he was enjoying them all in front of Mahi also he was continuously burping in a weird way which Mahi did not liked then suddenly Satya went to wash his hands in the washroom Mittul saw him there gets scared as Sid Khurrana is back according to her.


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Mahi asks Satya you came here just now and the only thing you are doing is eating nothing else Satya says first eat then do the work Payal gave Satya a job to get Sunil out of the Chawl by tomorrow he gets shocked hearing this.

Satya says the Star Bunglow you are talking about which is situated in Alibagh that place is not safe for women at all Koel says after this Aunty now you have started doing all this Mahi says Koel I come with you because of your well being Koel says this is between me and mom stay out of it hearing which she gets stunned.

Satya tries to talk to her Mahi says I know that you are lying to my mother he says I know that you are clever but you should also know that your eyes don’t know how to lie they tell everything she walks away. Later Satya talks to Kaka to get Sunil out of the chawl and I will do anything for you he says pamper my daughter he agrees his daughter Hadimba came he gets shocked seeing her Payal came there with Mahi and finds his truth.

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